The Magpies community football program was created in 2008 as a crime prevention initiative for at-risk individuals in the Collingwood & metro Melbourne area. From humble beginnings with only five players, we have since provided hundreds of participants with an opportunity to improve their social, physical and mental health outcomes. The inclusive nature, central location and ease of public transport access facilitates a wide geographic distribution of participants across metropolitan Melbourne. Participants come from as far as Point Cook, Melton and Lilydale. The Football season runs from February-September and since 2014 has expanded to be an all year initiative with weekly activities such as indoor cricket played in the off season.

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Core Values

The Collingwood Magpies Community Football program has 9 core values that are embedded within the culture and operations of the team and are reflected in the behaviour and work of the staff and participants.

  1. Value yourself, your team and the organisation

  2. Make all decisions so they are good for you, me and everyone

  3. Lead by example in "all ways"

  4. Change your beliefs, change your behaviours

  5. No Racism or Judgement.

  6. Only set positive outcomes

  7. Have fun

  8. We are "ALL" one

  9. Respect yourself, respect your teammates, respect your club