In 2017 the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service funded the development of a new range of Collingwood Magpies Community FC jumpers, formerly Collingwood Knights FC. The artist, Khali Luttrell, proud Yorta Yorta woman, produced the original artwork. The design itself symbolises how football has grown especially for indigenous players.  The magpie symbolises Collingwood Vic Park. The circle around the magpie symbolises the football field itself with the many players who have played and are still playing football today. The dots represent players as well as spectators and the detailed design are the different paths we have travelled but sharing one thing together-the passion for our sport. There is also two groups in each corner with a few players representing each team. We express our gratitude and thanks.

Artist: Khali Luttrell

Artist: Khali Luttrell

Graphic Designer: Gary Saunders

The artwork was incorporated into the design of the jumpers by graphic designer Gary Saunders, proud Bangerang, Wiradrui, Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Wurrung man. The players wear these jumpers every week, demonstrating the inclusive nature of the club and their commitment towards reconciliation and closing the gap for Aboriginal people.

Geeks Presenting the New Jumpers